Patient Education!

We may be referring for a root canal treatment in order to save a tooth that has been badly decayed or become infected. During your root canal procedure, the referred dentist will drill a hole in order to have access to your tooth’s roots. Using this access hole he will remove the nerve and pulp inside and fully clean the canals where the nerve was previously.
After cleaning they will seal of the canals with a permanent filling material and temporarily close the access hole.

Following your visit to the referred dentist you will return back to us for us to permanently close the access hole using a crown. During your visit the tooth will be built up – similar to a filling – in order to give the tooth enough “body” and recontoured in order for a crown to be placed on top.

After the reshaping of tooth we will make a temporary crown for you to wear between your first and next visit to protect your teeth while the crown is being made.

During your second visit the temporary crown will be removed and the new crown will be checked for proper fit. Multiple visits may be required to achieve the proper fit. Once proper fit is achieved your crown will be permanently cemented.

By maintaining your oral health – brushing twice a day and flossing, visiting the dentist for routine check-ups and teeth cleanings, and eating a nutritious diet – you can prolong the life of your crown and prevent the need for future root canal treatments.

Ghafoor Ghamary D.D.S., M.S.  |   Parisa Tabar D.D.S., M.S.